Eliza Fayle ~ My Human Design ~

Manifesting Generator * Martyr/Heretic

No clue what that means? Ya, me neither prior to discovering Human Design. It was total gobbledly-gook. Now to me it means:

  • validation of who I am designed to be
  • inner peace and contentment
  • BEing my purpose
  • ease of decision making
  • knowing my unique gifts and how I can best serve others with them

Prior to learning my Human Design, I experienced flashes of all those things and it felt really good! Wanting more consistent access to these states, I did All The Things:

  • devoured spiritual and personal development books
  • listened to copious podcasts
  • took every personality test out there
  • studied with mentors and became certified as a creativity coach, intuitive healer, Tarot reader, business relationship manager, and facilitator

All of these contributed to my knowledge and wisdom, but none of them provided the deep connection to the flow of Source I craved.

Then a dear friend introduced me to Human Design and within a year of exploration and play, I fully tapped into what I was seeking. Not now and again. EVERY.SINGLE.DAY.

What is Human design?

Human Design is an integration of many ancient systems you are likely familiar with — astrology, Kabbalah, I’Ching, chakras — and the more recent realm of quantum physics. This makes it far more nuanced than any of those systems on their own.

What I particularly love is it is not a One And Done system. You don’t look at your chart, glean some information from it, then move on. Discovering your Human Design requires curiosity and experimentation, because you are not a One And Done. You are a glorious creature who deserves ongoing exploration to shine forth your unique purpose and gifts.

Human Design is not who you are. For example, I am not Eliza the Manifesting Generator. Nor am I Eliza the Martyr/Heretic. I am me.

It is a lens through which you view and understand your unique design AND how best to navigate life in order to have meaningful impact with your gifts.

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Eliza Fayle Human Design

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Eliza Fayle Human Design



Eliza Fayle Human Design