Welcome back! I am thrilled that you have played with your Human Design and are now ready to dive deeper!

(If you have not completed Human Design Foundations with me, please START HERE)

As I am sure you are discovering, there are so many layers to your  Human Design. After all, it is your User Guide to You, and you are wonderfully rich and complex.

You are now ready to diver deeper! Here is what we explore:

  • Your most potent gift & purpose
  • How to best ground and return to center
  • Your greatest area of healing
  • How to best ground in Source
  • Where you might think you are ‘broken’
  • Questions to ask of your open centers
  • Energy over-amplification and wisdom of your completely open centers


Your Human Design Deeper Dive Package

Your Human Design Deeper Dive package includes

  • custom Human Design Deeper Dive Blueprint
  • 1 hour Zoom call
  • audio recording of our session

PRICE = $150 CAD


Eliza Fayle Human Design