Welcome back! I am thrilled that you have played with your Human Design and are now ready to dive deeper!

(If we have not done your initial Human Design Story session, please START HERE)

As I am sure you are discovering, there are so many layers to your  Human Design. After all, this is the story of you, and you are wonderfully rich and complex.

In this Continuing the Story session we continue exploring the chapters of your Human Design from where we left off.

Or perhaps through our sessions we have covered all your chapters. Now the power of knowing your Human Design Story can really shine as we weave NEW chapters about your relationships, business/career, hobbies, and passions. Anything you are curious about, or finding challenging, can be explored through your unique Human Design.




    Your Human Design Continuing Story

    Your Human Design Continuing Story session is a 1 hour Zoom call. You also receive the audio recording of our session.

    PRICE = $150 CAD

    Eliza Fayle Human Design