“Divination means talking to the Divine, asking for advice, and expecting an answer.” I love this take on card reading by Colette Baron-Reid. Used in this manner, Tarot becomes a powerful tool for self-reflection and personal insight.

As a visual artist, innate storyteller, and shamanic practitioner. Tarot is my go-to tool for providing guidance for exploring the heart of yourself.

A Tarot reading can help you:

  • find answers to life questions you are are struggling with
  • with courage and clarity facing a big change in life
  • bust through blocks when you are feeling stuck and unable to move forward
  • find inspiration or direction
  • priortize goals

Or just generally help you make sense of what is going on in your life right now.

My readings are not predictive. Nor are they passive, as in, I don’t channel away for an hour while you sit and listen.

Formally trained in “talking to the Divine” and using Tarot as a visual aid, I facilitate you asking for advice and receiving the associated guidance.

    In other words, your session is a dialogue between you, me, and intuition. All in aid of exploring the heart of you.


    Live Tarot Reading

    Your Live Tarot Reading session includes:

    • 1 hour interactive Zoom call
    • audio recording of our session

    PRICE = $150 CAD

    Recorded Tarot Reading

    Your Recorded Tarot Reading session includes:

    • audio recording of Tarot reading¬†
    • NOTE: there is no in person interaction associated with this reading¬†

    PRICE = $75 CAD