Welcome to Human Design. I am excited to share the validating and transformational power of your unique energetic design with you.

Not sure if this is right for you? Do any of these statements resonate?


  • people please and struggle with personal boundaries
  • are seeking meaning and purpose in your life
  • struggle with decision making and then second guess yourself
  • feel as if you are on the cusp of a significant spiritual awakening
  • read every self help book there is and still feel incomplete
  • have wisdom to share but it is often ignored or ill received by others

You want to:

  • know exactly what your gifts and purpose are
  • make decisions aligned to who you are
  • serve others through your innate wisdom
  • stand strong in your truths and associated boundaries
  • live a life of ease and flow deeply connected to Source

Human Design provides the framework and language for deep curiosity about yourself. It also provides specific strategies for allowing Source energy to flow through you with ease. In doing so, you BE your purpose, sharing the wisdoms and gifts uniquely yours.

In short, Human Design is a User Guide to You.

Your Human Design Foundations Package

Your Human Design Foundations package includes:

  • custom 40+ page Human Design Blueprint covering your
    • practical and strategic way of approaching and navigating life
    • go to strategy for decision making
    • contribution to life’s unfolding story
    • life purpose
    • life interactions
    • expressions of life energy
    • specific life themes
    • gifts and talents
    • magnetization to others
  • 1 hour Zoom call to understand how to strategically and practically use your Blueprint to open up ease and flow in your life
  • audio recording of our session

This is also the pre-requisite to subsequent deeper dive sessions for ongoing mentoring, support and clarity.

PRICE = $200 CAD