Welcome, welcome, welcome! I love collaborations. Coming together as entrepreneurs we exponentially increase the healing energies available to our clients.

You have heard about, and perhaps personally experienced, the transformational power of Human Design. You now want to share this with your own clients, providing them with an additional lens and framework in their journey with you.

Here are some ways I work with Healers:

  • guest speaker on a podcast, or in your coaching groups of any size, introducing the concepts of Human Design
  • guest healer within your small groups exploring the fundamentals of the participants’ charts
  • Human Design mentoring with your 1:1 clients providing both Human Design Foundations and Deeper Dive sessions

This is a collaboration, so we work together on how to best align Human Design with your unique healing approach. This may or may not be one of the above. That’s the beauty of collaboration; you never know what will be birthed.


Let’s meld our energies and see what bubbles up. It could simply be sharing our love of service to others. It could be an amazing business collaboration. Who knows? Let’s chat and find out.


Eliza Fayle Human Design