If you are new to the concept of shamanic journeys, you might be a bit apprehensive. I absolutely love taking shamanic journeys, so let me put your apprehension to rest so you can thoroughly enjoy the experience.

I approach shamanic journeys from a quantum science perspective. I am going to add a disclaimer here: I am NOT a quantum scientist. So, what I am about to explain is the layest of layperson’s terminology.

Absolutely everything is interconnected energy. The slower the energy vibration, the more dense we perceive something as. For example, a table appears solid because of its vibrational state, but it is actually in motion. At the teeniest tiniest quantum particle level, the vibration is so fast the particles actually wink in and out of existence. In that flash while they are ‘gone’ a state of possibility exists as to how and where they will return.

This is where shamanic practice comes in. It is the ability to tap into other states of possibility. This is different from guided meditation. Guided meditation slows down your brain waves through the use of your imagination. In a shamanic journey, you actually shift to that other realm of possibility. You are actually there vibrationally.

“What, Eliza, I actually go somewhere else?”

Queue apprehensive thoughts such as:

  • What happens if I get stuck there and don’t come back?
  • What if something scary exists over there?
  • What if I see or learn something I don’t want to see or learn?

First and foremost, you never get stuck there. While you might appear to be in a trance or dream state, you are in fact completely lucid and in control. You want to leave, you leave.

Second, in a true shamanic state, nothing is scary. It is a place of love. Things might happen that in the real world would be scary as hell, but the shamanic realm is symbolic. For example, in a journey a polar bear ran its claws down my back creating deep wounds. In real life, I would be catatonic with fear. In the shamanic realm, I was grateful because the polar bear was releasing gunk (aka not helpful thought processes) from me.

Any uncomfortable images that may come up are from your Ego. You just back out of the journey, assure your Ego it is not needed, and enter the journey again knowing that you are in a safe and loving space.

Speaking of safe and loving space, the possibilities revealed in shamanic journeys are exactly that … within the realm of POSSIBLE. As such, you are never shown more than you can handle or realistically implement when you return to the ‘real world’. That’s the beauty of my recorded shamanic journeys. You can take the same one again and again, each time incrementally providing deeper insight at a pace you are comfortable with.

As a trained shamanic practitioner, I am a tour guide to your heart’s inner landscape. With rich storytelling I describe exactly where we are, what we are seeing and what we are doing. Clients who have never taken a shamanic journey before comment on how quickly and easily they slipped right into the journey with me, and what a wonderful adventure it was.

I look forward to our travels!