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I have never been part of a sisterhood. Sure, there was the six of us in my last two years of highschool. We were bonded in our refusal to dumb our intelligence down. Upon graduation, however, we went our separate ways.

I sort of belonged to a group of women in my late thirties. But, they had been friends forever, and I never felt fully included. I eventually went my separate way.

Okay, I am just not a sisterhood type of gal, I told myself.

Fast foward twenty years, age 58, to the AMAZING WOMEN I discovered through my shamanic training. A year later, we are still together, bonded in our refusal to dumb our spirituality down.

Not once has an unkind word been spoken. We unconditionally meet each other where we are at.

Perhaps that’s why I am so late finding my sisters. I needed to unconditionally meet me where I was at first. I don’t know.

I do know this … I am not going my separate way. Alone, I am love. As a sisterhood we are LOVE, and I am all in.



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