Random? I think not.

Random? I think not.

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“Oracle card selection is totally random.” Uh, that’s a big NOPE in my experience. ⁠

Take this little guy. There are 45 cards in the deck. My process is to shuffle the deck at least twice. Then, backs facing to me, I hold the deck and fan through it until my thumb ‘glues’ itself to a card. Two days in a row, I stopped at In Two Minds. ⁠

I totally failed the probability calculation part of algebra. I think it is 1/45*1/45 … so like .05%? (Math Geeks feel free to correct me, because let’s be honest, I failed ALL of algebra) ⁠

My point being, the chances are slim, and yet there he is, bold as brass, sitting on my altar mesa.⁠

And relevant! ⁠

I am, currently, wavering between two strong pulls. The first is the mystic in me who wants to withdraw from the world and spend all my time in glorious union with God. The shaman in me, wants to be very much in the world, being of service to others through God. ⁠

I asked In Two Minds if choosing both was okay and here is his response:⁠

“Honestly, Eliza, it doesn’t matter what you choose. Just bloody well do it and commit! You are giving me a splitting headache.”⁠




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