Poop Dreams

Poop Dreams

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Over your lifetime, have you had dreams with similar themes? Off the top of my head, I can name three themes.

1. the obvious one is desperately trying to find a bathroom, or finding one but the toilets are overflowing and disgusting. This is a very clear signal from my subconscious that I need to wake up because I really have to pee.

2. all my teeth falling out, me spitting them out, only to have them all replaced and fall out again. Not surprisingly it is associated with overwhelm and anxiety.

3. loss of control in cars, which directly relates to loss of control in some aspect of my life. Most of the time it involves discovering I have no brakes. I wake up just as I am about to collide with a tree, drive into the water, or careen off a cliff.

Two car dreams occurred the same night in late December. We were once again under full pandemic lock down, and a new even more contagious virus was starting to make the rounds.

In the first dream, someone was to give me a ride in their transport truck and I was waiting for them to back up, then I was to get in. But they took off without me, leaving me angry and confused. Pretty much my state of mind, thinking there was a fresh destination ahead, only to have the monster truck of Omicron leaving me angry and upset.

This immediately rolled into the second dream. I was in the back seat of a car. One daughter was driving and the other one in the passenger seat. I kept telling them we were going to miss the turn, but they ignored me and we sailed right on by. I had 2022 mapped out and we zoomed right past the turn off which would have led to a covid free world.

Yep, my subconscious screaming “Lady, you have zero control in this situation. Suck it up and roll with it.”

What really fascinates me about themed dreams, is they are common across people. I thought my dreams with my teeth falling out were unique to me. Nope, in a conversation one day, I discovered both my parents had the same dreams.

Google ‘dreams about teeth falling out’ and you get 13,800,000 hits. ‘Dreams of no brakes in car’ yields 5,220,000 hits. ‘Dreams of overflowing toilets’ has 2,410,000 hits.

It just goes to show how connected our subconscious minds are to one another … even in our sleep!

This connection stuff really excites me, poop dreams and all.



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