Oh art journals

Oh art journals

by | Feb 21, 2022 | Art Journal, Blog | 0 comments

Oh art journals, let me count how many I have … or not.

So many art journals and not a single one of them completed … until now. I have just filled one up, the pages of which I shall be sharing here over the coming weeks.

But this begs the question, why have I finally filled an art journal, in the stretch of just a month to boot? What makes this one different from the many *cough* dozens upon dozens *cough* I have started in the past?

Because I finally have something I passionately want to explore. That being my deep connection with small ‘s’ spirit (me) and big ‘S’ Spirit (God).

Signs, symbols, dreams, shamanic techniques and journeys, all providing insight I am driven to capture in words and images. Some serious, some playful, some completely sublime. I am excited to share with you the stories revealed in each page.

Right now, however, you will have to excuse me. My second journal has arrived and I am off to art.



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