Intuitive Power

Are you readY to re-align with your own uniquely wise inner guidance system?

Jules Hare, Embodied Leadership Mentor & Coach, through her Intuitive Power Mentoring Program helps you step out of your own way to live the life you’re called to, inspiring others to do the same.

For over 30 years, Jules has helped soul-aligned leaders of all ages, working together as a powerful team, become more comfortable and confident in their bodies and minds. Safely. Playfully. Compassionately. 

I am honoured and blessed to partner with Jules in this Intuitive Power Mentoring Program. Jules calls my part The Eliza Love Sandwich.

I start with your 30+ page Human Design Blueprint and integration session to launch the mentoring with Jules. I then help close out your work with Jules with a reflective shamanic journey and a custom Sacred Art to help keep your intuitive power activated.

“Your body whispers, until that doesn’t work anymore and it needs to scream. Are YOU listening?”

If you feel it’s time to reawaken to the power of your inner guidance system, use the button below to book your free 45 minute Intuitive Power Exploration Call with Jules.

Not quite ready to dive in? I invite you to get know Jules through her fun and insightful newsletter.