Human Design

As a Human Design Analyst, I work with women whose lives (personally and/or business) are good, great even, and are now ready to up level to fantastic, even phenomenal lives. Aligning with our Human Design, we open up to the ease and flow of Source. That’s when the magick really happens.

Human Design is by its very nature experiential. After being introduced to it, I explored and played with it for several years. To say the results in the quality of my life was transformational sounds cliché, but I am hard pressed to come up with another descriptor. I then started doing Human Design Analysis for family and friends, who continue to tell me about the tangible positive outcomes in their lives.

I believe there is a subtle cultural and societal pressure to accept that having a good life is good enough. That if we reach for more, we are being somehow greedy and selfish. I call bull poopies on this.

I have witnessed to be true of myself and others that in the shift from good to great to phenomenal, we also shift to much greater levels of service to our family, friends, community and the world at large.

Human Design has played an instrumental role in this shift for me, and I am passionate about providing it as a catalyst for women ready to make that shift themselves.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I am taking 2023 as a Sabbatical Year to fully immerse myself in all things Human Design and am not accepting clients during this period. I have not dropped off the face of the planet though! I LOVE working with other women as we explore the heart of ourselves. I invite you to check out:

  • INTUITIVE POWER – I am honoured and blessed to partner with Jules Hare, Embodied Leadership Mentor & Coach, in her Intuitive Power Mentoring Program, which includes both my Human Design Analysis & Sacred Art
  • JUICY CONVERSATIONS – biweekly free Zoom meet ups to discuss juicy conversations with like minded women facilitated by myself and Sally Casper, Intuitive Change Maker