Giraffe Symbolism

Giraffe Symbolism

One of the reasons I love journey work is never knowing what I am going to encounter. I have common places I travel to, but what I find there is unique to the person I am journeying on behalf of.

Like a giraffe!

There I was, standing in my lower realm meadow of very North American wildflowers, and in strolls a giraffe! Alrighty then.

I never question what I see, although I certainly can experience both amusememt and bemusement. Everything symbolizes a message.

Giraffe represents creating a balance between the head and the heart. This completely resonated with my client and helped him shift into that balance.

Giraffe isn’t the oddest spirit ally to show up by any means. But I will save those stories for another day.

All this to say, journey work is always an adventure!



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