Hey, Eliza here! This is the page on the website where I tell you how I got from ‘there to here’. I was born in 1963 which makes that a lot of travel to cover!


  • Christianity, Buddhism, Wicca, Druidism, Shamanism
  • Human Design, Gene Keys, Meyers-Briggs
  • Law of Attraction, 5D, Quantum Science
  • Meditation, Yoga, Shamanic Journeys
  • Oracle Cards, Tarot Cards, Energy Maps, Numerology

Take all that, throw it in a cauldron, give it a stir … and out pops what I know to be absolutely true for me now.

I am here to create and experience heaven on earth by leading with love.


  • Drawing since childhood, but suffered serious confidence issues
  • Kicked those issues to the curb at age 50 … better late than never!
  • Have done some form of art EVERY SINGLE DAY since then
  • I thought I had to be all serious and do realistic landscapes and portraits

Then I got over myself.

Now I paint from the heart.

And finally the path that has led me here as a …

Sacred Artist & Shamanic Practitioner

  • spent an entire year in intensive shamanic training
  • fully tapped into my intensely visual storytelling through shamanic journeys
  • started taking shamanic journeys on behalf of others
  • which led to me painting the key messages I retrieved for them as Sacred Art

And that, my Lovely, is the story of how I got from there to here.

It was all accomplished by following my curiosity and led to me knowing exactly who I am at the very heart of myself. Hence, launching The Curious Spirit, providing the framework for assisting women as they get deeply curious about the very heart of themselves.

I am incredibly excited to see what will unfold moving forward for me, and importantly for you!

Blessings ~ Eliza

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