Actions as Journeys

Actions as Journeys

by | Feb 1, 2022 | Blog, Shamanic Tools | 0 comments

“Think of the beginning of each action as the beginning of a journey.” Wow! Often my response to oracle card advice is “gotcha, course correction required”. Then there’s times like with this card where my mind explodes.

Sooooo many layers! Where to even start?

At first blush, two things come to mind.

The first is how humbling that statement is. EVERY.SINGLE.ACTION has the power to send me off on a journey. A journey I may or may NOT want. Talk about the need for mindfulness!

The second, conversely, is how freeing that statement is. No journey is permanent. I have the ability with any given action to change my route!

Screwed up, wasn’t mindful in an action and set myself down the wrong road? No problemo. Mindfully take another action and create a whole new journey for myself.

I sense there is even more to that single statement, but The Blessing faerie says I have what I need for now. She has made her point with me.

“Gotcha, course correction required.”



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